March 2024 Google Core Update

5 Strategies To Recover Your Website From March 2024 Google Core Update

In the beginning of the March 2024 Google Core Update, many website owners find themselves struggling with a significant drop in traffic and ind[[exing issues. Despite offering quality content, numerous websites are struggling to get indexed. Understanding the nuances of this update is crucial to navigate through the challenges it presents. Here are five key strategies to recover your website from the March 2024 Google Core Update:

5 Impactful Reasons Behind Your Website's March 2024 Google Update Turbulence

1. Backlinks: Addressing Quality Over Quantity

One of the primary factors influencing website indexing post-update is the quality of backlinks. Google’s algorithm penalizes both the providers and recipients of spammy or low-quality backlinks. Mere content changes won’t be enough to lift the penalty; patience is required as Google reindexes your website.

  • Issue: Poor-quality or spammy backlinks can trigger Google’s algorithmic wrath, resulting in penalization for both providers and recipients.
  • Solution: Use Google’s Disavow Tool to distance your website from penalized backlinks. Exercise caution, however, as indiscriminate disavowal may inadvertently harm your SEO efforts.

2. User Experience: Prioritizing Accessibility and Content Quality

Google’s emphasis on user experience highlights the importance of clear, informative content and a clutter-free browsing environment. Google now prioritizes content that delivers valuable information to users over displaying unnecessary advertisements, enhancing user experience and relevance. Excessive ads and sluggish website performance deter user engagement and impact indexing adversely.

  • Issue: Excessive advertisements and sluggish website performance undermine user experience, prompting disengagement and dissatisfaction.
  • Solution: Streamline your website’s ad inventory to enhance user satisfaction. Additionally, implement performance optimization techniques to boost loading speeds and navigation fluidity

3. Expired Domain: Steering Clear of Outdated Practices

The use of expired domains for SEO purposes is no longer viable, as Google now penalizes websites employing this tactic. Redirecting or repurposing expired domains can lead to de-indexing or ranking penalties. That’s why every website owner should remember they use only authentic and new domains.

  • Issue: The utilization of expired domains as a shortcut to SEO success incurs Google’s disfavor, leading to potential de-indexing or ranking demotion.
  • Solution: Conduct a thorough assessment of your website’s domain history. If flagged for utilizing expired domains, initiate a transition to a new domain to avoid penalization.

4. Poor Niche Selection: Embracing Uniqueness and Relevance

Choosing a saturated or irrelevant niche can hamper a website’s indexing and visibility. Google prioritizes unique and relevant content that adds value to users, making niche selection a critical aspect of recovery. Ensure to choose or create original content for your website. Google penalizes duplicate content, favoring organic techniques. Maintaining rankings and avoiding penalties requires unique, authentic material.

  • Issue: Selecting oversaturated niches yields diminishing returns, hindering website visibility and growth potential.
  • Solution: Differentiate your content by adopting a unique stylistic approach. Focus on delivering original and insightful perspectives within your niche to captivate both audiences and search engines.

5. Content Quality: Human-Centric Approach

In the era of AI-generated content, Google’s preference for human-written content underscores the importance of authenticity and relevance. Websites relying solely on AI-generated content risk being overlooked by search algorithms. It’s essential for website content creators to craft their own text, images, and infographics to authentically showcase their work and engage users effectively.

  • Issue: AI-generated content fails to resonate with Google’s indexing criteria, necessitating a return to human-crafted narratives to optimize search visibility.
  • Solution: Follow the rule of human creativity and authenticity in content creation endeavors. Strive to produce original, informative content that adds genuine value to your audience’s browsing experience.


The March 2024 Google Core Update requires a multifaceted approach that addresses various aspects of website optimization. By focusing on backlinks, user experience, domain practices, niche selection, and content quality, website owners can mitigate the impact of the update and enhance their prospects of recovery. Using these strategies will not only aid in regaining lost traffic, but also future-proof websites against algorithmic shifts.

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